ACT 15
This Youma stalks Minako for the Silver Crystal. It later possesses a police officer to confiscate a briefcase of Minako's jewerly from Mamoru. It slashes Mamoru's arm with the sword and knocks him over a railing. Sailor Moon uses Moon Twilight Flash to destroy it. This is one is similar to the one from Act 12, except for silver accenting, instead of gold.
ACTS 15-16
It had been trapping victims down a vortex, in which they would slide down to the Youma, who waits for them at a hole at the center. It has the ability to shoot out a tendrils that wrap around their victims. The victims were being kept alive so that their energy continually feed to awaken Queen Metalia. Late in Act 15, it tries to take Makoto. Sailor Mars uses Youma Taisan against the Youma, and it and the pit disappears before the attack can hit. It attacks Usagi's friend Naru and later captures her. Sailor Mercury destroys it with Mercury Aqua Mist. Sailor Moon revives the victims.
ACTS 17-18 & 19
It possesses a priest from a church where Rei and Minako tend to a orphan dog. It is strong and deflects many attacks. It is after the Silver Crystal and also to gather energy from church parishioners in a large mass. It is the first youma for all five Senshi to fight. It is destroyed in Act 18 by a combined attack of Mars' Youma Taisan and Venus Love-Me Chain. Another Youma resembling it appears again in Act 19 and Sailor Moon destroys it with Moon Twilight Flash.
ACT 22
This clown-like Youma attacks an amusement park and Sailor Jupiter and Mars persue it. It tries draining energy from them. It is destroyed from the energy of Sailor Moon's Silver Crystal, in a fail attempt to turn Dark Mercury back to normal.
ACT 23
Nephrite created this Youma from a stone. It stalks the hospital where Minako is. It destroyed by a combined Venus Love-Me Chain and Moon Twilight Flash.
ACT 24
This Youma attacks a TV channel studio. Sailor Moon and Sailor Jupiter encounter this Youma. While Kunzite attempt sto murder Mamoru, Sailor Jupiter fights this monster while Sailor Moon goes to help Mamoru. Sailor Mars then arrives to help. With a combination of Supreme Thunder and Youma Taisan, the Youma was destroyed.
ACT 25
Jadeite summons a Youma, by Kunzite's suggestion not be to controlled by Beryl. It attacks a plaza to steal energy and attacked Hina. The Youma breathes an icy attack that freezes the feet of Sailor Mars', Jupiter's, and Venus' in place. It then freezes Sailor Mars completely. It was extremely powerful against the Sailor Senshi, but was quickly destroyed by the power of the Silver Crystal.
ACT 26
Nephrite creates this Youma in the Dark Kingdom. Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Moon fight the Youma. Moon Twilight Flash and Jupiter Thunderbolt together destroy this Youma.
ACT 28
This Youma suddenly confronts Ami and Usagi in the forest where Kunzite sends them, after Dark Mercury is turned good. Usagi is unable to transform in the dimension. When Ami and Usagi return, they are confronted by Kunzite and his Youma. All five Senshi debut their Moonlight Attractive Attack to destroy the Youma.
ACTS 29-30
This Youma initally attacks Usagi and Mio. It attacks with its cape and deflects other's attacks with it. Sailor Mars notices this. It also has the ability to trap people in webs emitted from its hands. Youma shoots a bolt of energy that knocks away Sailor Mercury's Tambourine. The Youma leaps to grab it, but Sailor Mercury discovers a new power to obtain it. The Senshi try to destroy it with Moonlight Attractive Attack, but fail. Sailor Moon confronts the Youma in the next Act, when it tries meddling with a concert. It is destroyed by the Moon Twilight Flash.