Full Name: Tenma Kodou
Sazer Designation: Sazer-Tarious
Weapons: Falcon Bow
Gear: Knuckle Riser
Chouseishin: Garuda

Tenma Kudou is a reckless mailman, usually going in head first. He stumbled into being a Sazer-after he was harassed by an Sazer-Velsou. His temper and the powers within him made him transform. Immediately afterwards, he defeated Velsou. Often locking horns with Mika and the others, he doesn't quite like being made the leader of the Fire Tribe, but he accepts the role. Tenma cares a lot about his comrades as well as about the world he lives. Despite frequently bickering with Mika, Tenma developed a serious crush on her. With his Knuckle Riser, Tenma transforms into Sazer Tarious, the flame warrior under the sign of Sagittarius, whose armor is shaped after a Falcon. His finishing attack with his Falcon Bow is called "Burning Falcon", which involves the shooting of a giant fiery arrow from the Falcon Bow. His second attack is the "Cosmo Punch", in which he jumps up and spins towards his adversary with his fist.