Full Name: Makoto Sorimachi
Sazer Designation: Sazer-Gorbion
Weapons: Blast Saw
Gear: Knuckle Riser
Chouseishin: Leviathan

Makoto Sorimachi is the leader of the Water Tribe. His past as a war photographer made him grow cautious and mistrusting of others and initially he doesn't trust anyone but his tribe members. He makes his debut as a Sazer-when Leviathan becomes endangered due to Radia's presence and motives and promptly saves Tarious from impending death. He refused to work in the big team for a while longer, and his generally high dedication to what he thinks is right is often, but not always, a blessing to the other Sazers. With his Knuckle Riser, Makoto transforms into Sazer-Gorbion, the water warrior under the sign of Scorpio. His armor is shaped after a shark in royal blue. One of his attacks is the "Aqua Slasher".