Full Name: Akira Dentsuin
Sazer Designation: Sazer-Remls
Weapons: Iron Gale
Gear: Knuckle Riser
Chouseishin: Dolcross

Akira Dentsuin is a doctor who might seem distant and cold but is loyal and compassionate and if required, a fierce fighter. Back when he first met supposed physicist Karin Saeki, he was awakened as Sazer Remls, tricked by the Akelon into fighting the Flame Tribe. Akira was the one who stood by Karin's side the longest, attacking his friends while still believing in and feelings for her. He is the oldest Gransazer. With his Knuckle Riser, Akira transforms into Sazer-Remls, the wind warrior under the sign of Gemini, with armor shaped after a Japanese rhinoceros beetle in the color of indigo. One of his attack is the "Remls Tornado", a tornado from Remls' palm.