Full Name: Ai Uozumi
Sazer Designation: Sazer-Pisces
Weapons: Aqua Blitz
Gear: Knuckle Riser
Chouseishin: Leviathan

Ai Uozumi is a caring and friendly nurse working at the same hospital as Akira. Right after their first encounter, Ai developed a crush on him. Ai was In love with Akira Dentsuin. Later that day, she and her long-time friend Tappei were attacked by Lucia and Ai had to transform to protect herself. at the nick of time she was saved by Sazer Remls. Eventually she found out that a man she had known for years was in fact related to her and this man was kidnapped by Logia. She followed them and freed him in time. Ai has a more than kind nature, even feeling mercy for those who tried to kidnap and kill her; but she is also serious and devoted to her mission. She is the youngest Gransazer. With her Knuckle Riser, Ai transforms into Sazer-Pisces, the water warrior under the sign of Pisces, whose armor is shaped after an orca/whale in cyan.