Chouseishin Leviathan
Chouseishin Leviathan
Live Mode
Overall Length: 73 m
Overall Width: 63 m
Width: 20 m
Overall Height: 16 m
Weight: 13,000 tons
Ocean Shield
Chouseishin Leviathan is the Water Tribe's Chouseishin, the last to be awaken from its slumber in Shinkujira Island when the Impactors arrive on Earth. In Live Mode, Leviathan resembles a whale and it uses its body for ramming attacks. In Warrior Mode, Leviathan is armed with the Maelstrom Blades which can be used for his finishing move "High Tide Break". Furthermore, he is equipped with the Ocean Shield which can be used for his another finishing move "Mirage Shield" which can multiply. Gorbion's Sazer Gear equips Leviathan with a giant version of the Blast Saw.
Chouseishin Leviathan
Warrior Mode
Overall Height: 57.5 m
Height: 52 m
Overall Width: 26 m
Width: 8 m
Weight: 13,000 tons