Chouseishin Guncaeser
Chouseishin Guncaeser
Live Mode
Height: 27 m
Length: 43 m
Width: 13 m
Wing Span: 26 m
Weight: 15,000 tons
Chouseishin Guncaeser is the Earth Tribe's Chouseishin, the third to be awaken from its slumber in the Shishioh Desert. In its Shisa-like Live Mode, GunCaesar is shaped after a liger and attacks with his cannons as well as with his claws. In Warrior Mode, GunCaesar uses his cannons, the Liger Riots, as hand blasters. He performs his finishing move, "Gravity Burst", with them. Tawlon's Sazer Gear equips GunCaesar with a giant version of the Bull Cannon.<<
Chouseishin Guncaeser (Warrior Mode)
Warrior Mode
Height: 50 m
Length: 57.5 m
Width: 16 m
Wing Span: 25 m
Weight: 15,000 tons