Chouseishin Garuda
Chouseishin Garuda
Live Mode
Height: 17 m
Length: 83 m
Width: 48 m
Weight: 12,000 tons
Chouseishin Garuda is the Flame Tribe's Chouseishin, the second to be awaken from its slumber in Houoh Mountain. In Live Mode, Garuda is shaped after a phoenix and attacks with his guns as well as with a tackle after engulfing himself in flames. In Warrior Mode, Garuda mostly relies on his claws on the back of his fists, performing his finishing move "Firebird Slash" with them. Garuda can also summon a sword called Burning Saber. Tarious' Sazer Gear equips Garuda with a giant version of the Falcon Bow, and Lion's Sazer Gear equips Garuda with giant versions of the Double Crescents.
Chouseishin Garuda (Warrior Mode)
Warrior Mode
Height: 50 m
Length: 33 m
Width: 12 m
Wing Span: 12.6 m
Weight: 12,000 tons