Fusion Beast-King Daisazer
Fusion Beast-King Daisazer
Height: 75 m
Width: 14 m
Total Length: 100 m
Weight: 8,100 tons
Fusion Beast-King Daisazer is the assembled form of the four Tribes' Chouseishin. Guntras forms the main body, head and feet; Garuda for chest, cranium, and back; Dolcross for the legs; GunCaesar for the right arm and the shoulder cannons; and Leviathan for the left arm and the tail. Combined, Daisazer has a very aggressive and archaic mind of its own. All four pilots have to focus in order to control Daisazer. Daisazer is a very deadly creature and it is armed with a deflector as well as a laser array on its chest, but Daisazer mostly relies on brute force to deal with its opponents.