Thunder Jet
A large jet aircraft, armed with the Thunder Missiles. Forms the upper Body of GodZenon and Thunder Gridman. (Full Length: 62.1m, Width: 48.6m, Overall Height: 19.8m, Total Weight: 47,000 tons, Flight Speed: Mach 5)
Twin Driller
A small tank equipped with Twin Lasers at the tip of the drill. Can operate in the air and underground. Can become the Shoulder armor of GodZenon and the abdomen and arm of Thunder Gridman. (Full Length: 44.1m, Width: 21m, Overall Height: 15m, Total Weight: 21,000 tons, Running Speed: 100 Km per hr)
God Tank
A small Tank equipped with two gates for the God Cannon. Forms the feet of GodZenon and the feet armor of Thunder Gridman. (Full Length: 72.9m, Width: 21m, Overall Height: 13.2m, Total Weight: 32,000 t)
Combination Electric God GodZenon
The Thunder Jet, Twin Driller and God Tank can also become the fighting robot Zenon.
Combination Super God Thunder Gridman
Thunder Grid Punch
Thunder Grid Kick
Thunder Grid Fire
Thunder Grid Beam
fired from the right hand.
Thunder Grid Fixer Beam
The chest-fired Fixer Beam.
The DinaFighter is a Mach-36 aircraft (armed with DinaMissiles and the DinaLaser) which can transform into the massive Dragonic Cannon
The KingJet is a Mach-18 aircraft (armed with KingMissiles and the KingLaser) to which the DinaFigher can dock, forming the Dragon Fortress
Dragonic Cannon
A shoulder-fired weapon wielded by Gridman
Dragon Fortress
this 106.4m-long, 240-kiloton, Mach-43 aircraft is armed with Fortress Missiles. It can transform into the Super Dragon Combination DinaDragon.
Super Dragon Combination DinaDragon
This bipedal dinosaur-like robot is 85m tall and fights with its burning Dragon Roar breath attack. In addition, the KingJet can become another mechanized suit of armor for Gridman, forming Combination Dragon Emperor King Gridman.
Combination Dragon Emperor King Gridman
King Grid Punch
King Grid Kick
King Grid Fire
King Grid Launcher
Fired from the forearms.
King Grid Beam
Fired from the right hand.
King Grid Fixer Beam
The chest-fired Fixer Beam.